Partitions and fire-resistant fronts & doors produced and assembled by QbiQ Wall Systems (video)

INBO, Maarten Hooijmeijer and QbiQ, Nico Kremers are presenting the recently build Maria Montessori Building for Radboud University. In the design several of our wall systems were installed, depending on the requirements for acoustics and/or fire resistance. We used single glass walls towards the hallway sections and double glass walls for higher sound insulation between the offices or facing corridors. We have also installed fully transparent partitions with a hight of 3.4 metres. That makes this wall pretty exceptional. Moreover, the wall is without mullions, it is fall-proof, fire-resistant and has the most minimalistic profile possible.

For more information we would like to redirect you to QbiQ or please contact Marianne van der Sande: / 0031-6 1361 9629. More information


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