Hueck References (video)


This finding – which, incidentally, is credited to Aristotle –
also applies to the construction projects presented here:
these highly complex designs involved the work of many
people as they progressed from an initial idea to final
completion. Hundreds of tiny cogs meshed to make this
possible – through a process of reflection, review, rejection,
reconsideration, discussion with specialist planners,
sketching, approval, planning, assessment, construction
and inspection. All with a view to creating a structure that
was as efficient, durable and architecturally valuable as

Nowadays, enormous requirements are placed on buil-
dings: they must not only keep heat, cold and noise out
but also allow lots of light in at the same time. Despite the
usually narrow economic constraints, the structure must
meet discerning functional and aesthetic standards. For
this reason, special significance is attached to the building’s
outer shell – i.e. the façade, along with its windows and

Over the next few pages, we present buildings that were
realised using our high-quality and durable aluminium
systems. By committing ourselves intensively, we have
risen to the various challenges and played our part in
achieving a successful result.
And, if successful architecture is accepted and brought to
life by human beings – then the whole truly is more than
the sum of its parts.

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